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LEGAL SERVICESOur Practice Areas

PRACTICE AREACommercial & Capital Markets

Our team is fluent in commercial practice & capital markets.

Our team members have guided clients through some complex & sensitive transactions including private placements, rights issues, floating of corporate bonds, mergers and acquisitions, development of OTC guidelines, and due diligence assignments for purposes of investment.

The EAC community is growing with the latest addition of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It also remains the fastest growing region in Africa and with that comes numerous opportunities for investors in the region. Of course, Kenya is the gateway to the EAC region, and our firm is well positioned to help our clients plan, design and structure their investments in Kenya and the EAC region to mitigate risks in their investments.

Our expertise covers:

  • Private placements
  • Rights issues
  • Corporate bonds/papers
  • Listing & de-listing
  • ESOPs, Executive compensation plans (ECPs)
  • Business set-up including drafting constitutive documents
  • Company acquisitions, Management buy-outs & buy-ins
  • Regulatory approvals from regulatory bodies
  • Due diligence
  • Joint ventures
  • Private Equity
  • Mergers

PRACTICE AREAEmployment, Benefits & immigration

The employee life cycle should not be a maze. We offer our expertise to ensure that your processes from Recruitment to retention are not only seamless & meet regulatory standards but also support your employee retention strategies to ensure the optimal performance of your team. The firm, therefore, offers support on regulatory compliance, contracting, policy development & review, benefits advisory & litigation, where required.

PRACTICE AREADispute Resolution & Litigation

Disputes pose both business & reputation risks to businesses. Our role is to eliminate or mitigate these risks to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients. To do this, we employ all techniques including negotiation, mediation, and conciliation, among others.

Our team members have been involved in complex and high-profile cases in Kenya and outside and we offer a full range of dispute resolution services including Arbitration.

Our expertise covers:

  • Civil litigation,
  • Criminal litigation,
  • Family law,
  • Corporate and commercial litigation,
  • Constitutional petitions,
  • Debt recovery
  • Arbitration & Mediation

PRACTICE AREABanking & Corporate Finance

Our team members have worked with over 7 banking institutions both locally and internationally and across numerous jurisdictions in Africa. Kenya’s banking sector remains robust and innovative. Banking transactions for both individual, corporate, SME clients and banking institutions requires innovative solutions tailored to shorten transaction times, reduce costs and mitigate risks for all parties. Our firm has deep expertise and delivers on all these.

Our expertise covers:

  • Asset based finance (ABF)
  • Project finance
  • Banking law & securitization
  • Debt recovery
  • Insolvency, administration, and receiverships
  • Mortgage finance
  • Securities enforcement
  • Trade finance law & Structured trade finance law
  • International trade law
  • Syndicated finance
  • Aviation finance

PRACTICE AREAReal Property & Intellectual Property

Property is so sacred that the right to acquire and own it is protected under Article 40 of Kenya’s Constitution.

Real Estate & construction contributes significantly to Kenya’s GDP. Kenya is also a key innovation hub especially on software development. Our team has deep expertise in these areas and is dedicated to protecting our clients’ property rights.

Our expertise covers:

  • Patents, copyrights, trademarks, industrial designs & utility models.
  • Anti-counterfeit, cybercrime, and data protection.
  • Software license agreements, free and open-source software’s, legal issues surrounding cloud computing, software applications.
  • Structuring of Real Estate Joint Venture Projects agreements.
  • General Conveyance and acquisition of property.
  • Leases – Commercial and Residential Leases.
  • Land Use and Planning including Change of use, Extension of Use and Leasehold    interests,  Amalgamation  and Subdivision of properties.
  • Environmental Compliance.
  • Conducting comprehensive due diligence on Property.

PRACTICE AREACorporate, Governance & Regulatory Compliance

MCCK Advocates’ bread and butter is corporate law & governance and has a dedicated team which has a long & deep understanding of corporate governance & regulatory compliance.

The team’s key role is to ensure that our client’s businesses mitigate legal compliance & regulatory risk to a minimum. This allows our clients to do business without the risk that these risks will impact their bottom lines.

Our expertise covers:

  • Company restructuring and reorganization
  • Estate Planning and Management
  • Employment and Pensions
  • Company secretarial duties
  • Organizational restructuring & reorganization
  • Legal audits, governance audits, Compliance audits & advisory covering:
    • Consumer rights
    • Data Privacy & Cyber security
    • International Financial Reporting Standards
    • Unclaimed Financial Assets
    • Labour Laws
    • Bribery and corrupt practices
    • Anti-Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime
    • Central Bank of Kenya Prudential Guidelines
    • Website legal compliance
    • Environment compliance
    • ESG compliance
    • Procurement laws
    • Public Finance Management

PRACTICE AREAFamily law & Estate Planning

Kenya’s Constitution recognizes the family as the natural and fundamental unit of society and it enjoys the recognition and protection of the State. However, family conflicts do the exact opposite. Our team helps families avoid conflicts by planning the estate in advance and thereafter helping them navigate the distribution of the estate in an efficient and seamless manner.

Our expertise covers:

  • Advising and handling Probate and Administration matters
  • Preparing wills, codicils and testaments and offering executory services
  • Advising and assisting clients in the establishment of Family Trusts that will help them protect and maintain the family assets; and
  • Establishing various customized Trusts for the specific intention of the Deceased individual

The virtue of justice consists in moderation, as regulated by wisdom.

Suite A33, Upper Hill Gardens Apartments, Third Ngong Avenue

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